Episode 2: All Things OFP – With 50% MORE Eczema!

Episode 2 has been released!

This time, we talk about Operation Flashpoint, what she meant to us, why she left us in the cold rain without an umbrella, and why we keep going back hoping we can make it work out.

And the news.

And finally, to optimize your experience, you can actually subscribe to us in iTunes! That way, you can have us massaging your earholes as quickly as humanly possible.

Use the mousifer and clickify on the following linkicans from the blogamin:

Listen & subscribe via iTunes HERE
Direct download HERE

Show notes:

  • Intro
  • OFP, Armed Assault, OFP2 discussion
  • News
  • Signoff


  • Operation Flashpoint 2 preview – HERE
  • BF: BC video – HERE
  • Kane & Lynch controversy gets bigger – HERE
  • R6: Vegas 2 officially announced – HERE
  • Insurgency beta 2 released – HERE

6 Responses to Episode 2: All Things OFP – With 50% MORE Eczema!

  1. Trespasser says:

    Hello guys.

    I really enjoy your podcast. You are doing a great job … so, pls, keep up the good work so I can enjoy my morning walk to the office. 🙂

    Spot on with the ECZEMA! That cracked me up. I remember playing OFP when it came out and I was thinking that even Duke Nukem has prettier hands. :))

  2. Samantha Jane says:

    Awesome job guys =) sound levels much better this time!

    Now if only I played Tactical Shooters … 😀

  3. Chris says:

    Sammy! Glad you could make it to the party 🙂

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Guys

    Broken link in the show notes, BF:BC video.


  5. 37cee says:

    I listened to your podcast, i noticed you said Armed Assault was not availibe in the US… afaik it wasn’t named Armed Assault – or at least not only Armed Assault – it was named
    ArmA: Combat Operations (same content as the eurpean version 1.05+ i think)

    still got Ofp on my harddrive mostly because of the tons of mods i have for this game

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