Tactical Game Guide Updated – Spotlight on Jagged Alliance 2

Martin has updated the guide with the following JA2 goodness:

Jagged Alliance 2
Jagged Alliance 2 is an isometric squad oriented turn based shooter that plunges you into the depths of a revolution against the tyrannical leader of the small island nation of Arulco. Featuring control of up to three squads of six mercenaries each with their own specialties, it is up to the player to not only command them in combat, but also to ensure that they are properly equipped, and when a merc dies, that a replacement be hired. You’ll also need to train militia forces for the towns you liberate to ensure that the enemy forces don’t retake ground you’ve already fought hard to liberate.

Combat is handled well in both outdoor, as well as more urban environments, pitting the player’s forces against the occupation forces as well as some of the not so friendly native inhabitants. That said, you’ll also find friends that fight along side you supplementing your forces.
In addition to the main quest, there are also a few side quests such as hunting for notorious criminals hiding in Arulco, as well as clearing the mines from infestation from a seemingly mutated or alien life (thankfully, this option can be turned off to keep the game a lot more realistic).
You’ll find a lot of weapons you’ll recognize through the course of the game, and it behaves as you’d expect. Hand your heavily armored guy the submachine gun for rapid followup or full auto fire, and give your marksman the sniper rifle for long range kills. Equipment such as night vision or throwable glowsticks also makes night operations viable allowing your mercs to be operational for all 24 hours of the day.
Unfortunately, these days the graphics remain a bit dated (and were even at the game’s release), and do not scale upwards appropriately for today’s capabilities. However, the flexibility, openness and depth of the gameplay more than make up for the shoddy visual presentation.
Official site, JA2 at Wikipedia


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