Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Developer’s Diary

Shacknews has posted a video with one of the R6V2 developers.  It’s pretty interesting, and it shows just how much of an impact on the genre CoD4’s reward system is already having.  Watch it HERE, and see what I mean.  Yet another in the growing pile of thanks goes out to Blackguardspork for the tip on this one.


3 Responses to Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Developer’s Diary

  1. Anderlation says:

    Wow! Looks great. I really like the part about A.C.E.S, that feature makes me want to play it. Upgrading your character not just through multiplayer adversial, but co-op and single player supported.

    Wish we had a list of new guns though, I hope they include the classic M4, as it is just an awesome weapon and highly customisable.

    Also the levels seem pretty cool, going to the gritty darker sides of Vegas.

    What do you guys like about the new features?

  2. Chris says:

    I’m pretty stoked, all around. I really loved Vegas, so if they implement this stuff well and fix some of the weaknesses, I’m going to really dig this one.

  3. Blackguard Spork says:

    Considering how much I played Vegas 1, I don’t think that I can not like this game. From the diary and everything else they said, it seems like such an improvement. I’ll defiantly get my hours into this. On a complete tangent, I also plan on doing an audio review to sent in to the show, assuming it doesn’t get done.

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