Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Demo on Xbox Live

We talked about this on in our upcoming games episode, and I must say I’m really looking forward to seeing what it’s all about. If you get the chance to try it, let us know what you think.

Edit – I just tried it.  Take one part Wolfenstein (one bad part), add a construction site, iron sights aiming, and a heaping tablespoon of meh, and you’ve got Turning Point.

4 Responses to Turning Point: Fall of Liberty Demo on Xbox Live

  1. Blackguard Spork says:

    I’m DLing it as I type. By tomorrow I should have my opinion for you.

  2. Anderlation says:

    Well, I read a few people’s impressions online and I have to agree with them on certain points.

    The demo is very very average at best. The combat seems to lack that immersive feel. That sounds wierd but it doesn’t actually feel like you are killing an enemy!

    The graphics are sub par, only when it turns to third person does the character model look half decent.

    Also the game wants you to think that there are different ways to complete objectives but you find a strret being blocked off suddenly by a blown up building or a piece of structure falls and blocks the exit in a hallway.

    To me this is dissapointing, and I know the developers said that improvements will be made, but really do you want to shell out $60 for another Blacksite? (In terms of quailty)

    Guys stick to COD4.

  3. jon says:

    The developers said that the feedback was expected, they were forced to put this demo out now (which was made months ago) and they have fixed the problems everyone was b!t8hn about. Probably not though

  4. Garfunkle says:

    I agree with what the other people said, and in add to it I’d say it was an incredibly short experience. I dunno, maybe I somehow missed an entire bit or something, but all I got to play was about ten minutes of linear ‘follow this path and take this guy as a human shield’.
    If a longer demo comes out like, say, the first 30 minutes of the game, then I’ll give it another go deffinatly. But until then I’ll be staying clear of this.

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