New Red Orchestra content is available

From the RO site:

The pack includes new operable vehicles and working anti-guns for both sides. The Allies get the KV-1B heavy tank, plus the immense KV-2, with an insane 152mm howitzer as a main gun! They have brought back an old favorite in the Zis truck, as well as introducing the Zis-3 76mm anti-tank gun. The Zis truck carries passengers and they have also updated the T-34 to carry riders as well. The Axis get the Stug IIIB, for a nice early-war variant, plus the 75mm anti-tank gun mounted on the Sdkfz 251-22 halftrack. Fast, mobile AND deadly. For more killing power, the Axis get the Pak-40 and Pak-43 anti-tank guns, while the Pz IV F1 gets the availability of smoke rounds.”

Also included are some new gametypes and maps.

Sounds pretty good to me.

Read more HERE.

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