Ugh… Sick…

I haven’t been posting or responding to emails for about a week now, due to the fact that I have mostly been sleeping and eating chicken soup during that period. Every year, I say I’ll get a flu shot, and every year I blow it off…

Anyway, Infinity Ward announced a map pack for the 360 and PS3 versions of CoD4 coming this spring. They are also having a mapping contest, and I’m assuming the winner or winners will make it into this pack. Other than that, I have no news to report, since I have been completely ignoring my feeds since getting sick.

I did get to watch the Super Bowl though. Oh how sweet it was to see the Pats lose. I’m a lifelong Steelers fan, so I have a little animosity there…

Our show is late for this week, but I’m guessing we’ll be posting it within a few days. If you have any news to report, throw it in the comments or the notepad, and I’ll try and get it up here if I am feeling up to it.

6 Responses to Ugh… Sick…

  1. Well, besides for the “hope you get better” stuff, I haven’t seen much news. As for the Super Bowl, I still don’t understand the point. I just watched the post game show to one, see all the highlights, and 2, so I didn’t miss House. (So therefore, I couldn’t care less who won or lost)

  2. Garfunkle says:

    Whoa! Sporky, that was fast!

    Sucks about your illess there, Chris. The bug Norovirus going round my work at the moment, so it’s likely I’ll be sick sometime soon. Here hoping not. *wishes*

    Can’t wait for the new maps for CoD4, and I can’t really say anything for the Superbowl as I didn’t/can’t/won’t (delete as appropriate) watch it.

  3. Martin says:

    In other news, I’m not feeling terribly better. Ergo, the latest show hasn’t been edited yet…

    Hopefully in the next few days, though. Once I can bear to stare at the computer screen.

  4. This is what? The second time we have had an episode delayed? What am I going to do wednesday?

  5. Garfunkle says:

    Read wikipedia?

  6. Sory, But I don’t get joy out of that anymore.

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