Podcast Episode 9: In The News

Martin and I discuss recent news relevant to tactical gaming. And ninjas.
Take into account that we recorded this over a week ago and were delayed in releasing because we were both sick, so some of the news might sound a touch dated.

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We had some technical issues with the recording, where our voices would skip ahead for no apparent reason, so mind the gaps!
Special thanks to both Scott Johnson, who single-handedly brought us over 100 new active listeners, and to Blackguard Spork for his audio review of Rise of Liberty. Keep the content coming, guys!

11 Responses to Podcast Episode 9: In The News

  1. Great Job. (But would I say otherwise?) But my mic is crap. I really need to figure out how to make is sound better.

  2. Chris says:


    You can use audacity to record it, if you don’t already. It’s free, and it might be an improvement on the recording side of things.

  3. Actually, it is what I use. But I need to learn how to use it more than “hit record then talk into the mic”

  4. footnmouthtard says:

    Good cast again, The Turning Point review as spot on, it was a game i was pumped about until i played it, however the developers said that was a demo from months ago, so who knows.

  5. footnmouthtard says:

    The Agency: I heard you guys talking about this game in your latest podcast, thought i would write a quick preview. You can choose to be the Mercs or the spy’s, there doesn’t appear to be any classes, however you design your “class” based on your equipment. (you don’t want a Gatling gun and heavy army if you”r supposed to be sneaking around).
    As you gain in levels you will gain control of NPC people )other Agents, which will do anything from making you a gun, suit, sports car while you are logged out, via messaging or email. You can also trade Agents with other players. Indicating different agent classes. You will also be able to create a “clan” and raid other agency’s the problem with this is it could happen when your off line. the game will send you text and you can either logg on and defend your area or let it be captured.
    I don’t own a PS3 but i am also interested in this game.

  6. Garfunkle says:

    It seems that us European listeners can’t see the US reviews and vise-versa. Bah!
    And Sporky, you sounded ALOT diffrent from on LIVE. Like you were purposly changing your voice…

    Good job on the podcast though, dudes. Keep it up. Oh, and Martin? 38:39 is hilarious.

  7. No I didn’t change my voice. Everyone sounds different on LIVE.

  8. QforQ says:

    The Agency is an MMO made by SOE and it’s coming out for both PS3 and PC. I’m gonna definitely get it for PC. Not sure how many tactics will be in the game, but it should be fun for FPS and MMO lovers.

  9. Say, is there an actual “release time” for new eps?

  10. Chris says:

    We won’t have one this week, because we were both sick when we normally record. We’re recording one for next week tonight, though.

  11. NOOOOOOOO! My week is ruined. Whatever shall I do?

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