Battlefield Heroes Debut Trailer!

All I can say is that it rips off TF2 about as much as you possibly can, but I still want to play the crap out of it.

Watch it HERE.


5 Responses to Battlefield Heroes Debut Trailer!

  1. if it rips off TF2, and you still want to play the crap out of it, why don’t you just play TF2?

  2. Martin says:

    Here’s hoping it’ll show up on the 360…

  3. Vidi says:

    By god, this looks awesomely fun to play, I can’t wait 🙂

  4. Hmmm it looks like it rips the hell out of TF2, but it doesn’t, there are a lot of subtle differences below the surface. This is definately something I am looking forward to it, even if it does look like the love child of Worms 3D and TF2 😀

  5. Flamov says:

    Who cares if it rips of TF2, it’s a freaking awesome game. I don’t what everyone’s problem is with it looking similar to TF2. The design documents were in phase for Battlefield Heroes way before Valve went public with Team Fortress 2.

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