Episode 15: Beer, Battlefield, Boss Battles, and um… Brainbow Bsix

tgpartr6v2tunes3.gifMartin and I have beer, talk Battlefield, Vegas2, and the news. About halfway through, Martin says something that truly pisses me off. Which then also truly pisses him off. Just give it a listen, and the album art to the right will make better sense.

Also, Hammer Pants are mentioned.

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Huge thanks to Sporky for a great Vegas 2 review (and a new mic!), and to Garfunkle a.k.a “The Scottish Meatshield” for his tips. Also, many thanks to our growing contingent of iTunes reviewers, and all the forum contributors.

My beer was Stille Nacht. Not a bad brew.


11 Responses to Episode 15: Beer, Battlefield, Boss Battles, and um… Brainbow Bsix

  1. Mike says:

    Wow …I sound *just* like that 😉

  2. Sokkratez says:

    Still listening to the last bit, but it’s good to have you guys back. Good show! Good luck on the sponors; sorry that I don’t have any real hook-ups to offer there 😦

  3. DLing now…. that sure too awhile…

  4. Yet another great episode. I laughed hard when Chris said “Bowser in a helicopter”

  5. Garfunkle says:

    Good times had by all. Have you completed Vegas2 yet, Chris? And I’m happy you got my voice right this time, Martin =)

  6. Chris says:

    I haven’t finished it yet. I’m finding very little time to play on teh 360 lately.

  7. Martin says:

    Actually, I totally forgot to make Funkle sound like Barry White. 😦

  8. Scott says:

    I just hit the Bowser in a heli boss battle…why in the hell would you do that? And on Realistic mode, it is over the top insane. Damn you Ubi Soft.

  9. sixoseven says:

    CMon guys. The suckiness of the final battle is just a minor deal. You guys were just piling on. The control of R6 is so awesome that it makes it worth it. And you forget that Ubisoft also made Assassin’s Creed which is about as authentic as possible.

    What’s rather pissing me off is that all my online buds are in GTA4 and nobody is left to play R6 multiplayer.

  10. Hey Six,
    I hate to break it to you, as cool as running around was in assassins creed, the AI sucked balls. Really ruined the experience.

    The problem with the boss battle is that it feels like they didn’t know how to end it, plus, it is entirely different feel from the rest of the game.

    As for no R6 multi, thats just sad.

  11. Fubuki says:

    Hi guys!

    I just found Your page and listened to Your last podcast – it’s truly great to listen to, as You put it, enthusiasts, just like me, who have similar view on things regarding tactical gaming and who can talk about interesting things (most of the time :P) in a fun way (as opposed to many other gaming podcatsts out there). I’d like to whloheartedly 😉 thank You for Your work – I hope to be able to listen to Your podcast for years to come.

    Just one more thing, about the R6:V2 – You keep saying, that the control system is awesome, but me, as a PC gamer, I wonder if it’s enough to call a game a good one. I mean, it’s like to say – the control doesn’t suck as You would expect on a console (= is similar to PC in terms of usability) so the game is great. But what about realism, the truly team-based, planning-centerd tactical gameplay we loved in the good old days of the original RSs and GRs?

    Thanks and cheers!

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