Hey… Over here!

Well howdy!

I just wanted to give a quick update on the state of the podcast.  Martin and I are currently busy as all hell, and when we are not busy, we are mountain biking.  So while we are not dead (the good news), we are most definitely on a temporary hiatus (the not-so-good news).

In gaming news, I love the crap out of BFBC so far (but I have hardly had the chance to play it), and I’m a tester in the closed beta for EndWar.  When I actually have time to play it, I’ll give my impressions.

Also, I got an email this week, asking me for help using the RealDamage mod I wrote for Soldier of Fortune 2 waaaaaaaaay back.  I guess that means there are still people playing SoF2…

2 Responses to Hey… Over here!

  1. Garfunkle says:


  2. YAY! And I still play SoF2…

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