Keyboard & Mouse setup for PC gaming with a TV?

A few weeks ago, I set up a gaming PC for my kids, so they don’t wreck my 360 when playing LEGO Indiana Jones and the upcoming LEGO Batman.  I have it hooked up to a 36″ LCD TV in one of our living rooms.  I’m using Pinnacle Gaming Profiler to allow a 360 gamepad to control windows, launch programs, and control emulators.  There’s just one problem though – I want to play some of my games on it now and then, and they just are not the same when using a gamepad.

Do any of you guys do any “couch” PC gaming?  If so, how do you set up your mouse and keyboard?


One Response to Keyboard & Mouse setup for PC gaming with a TV?

  1. PhaseFavor says:

    Hey, im not an expert but i would think that the easiest way to do it is have you PC set up like normal except unplug your monitor from your computer and plug the computer into the TV. Some newer TVs have the monitor hookup on them so thats how its possible (ive seen it done by people). If you TV doesnt have one of thoes jacks then maybe there is a monitor cable to composite converter…

    Heres a good article on the rundown of how to:

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