Keyboard & Mouse setup for PC gaming with a TV?

July 1, 2008

A few weeks ago, I set up a gaming PC for my kids, so they don’t wreck my 360 when playing LEGO Indiana Jones and the upcoming LEGO Batman.  I have it hooked up to a 36″ LCD TV in one of our living rooms.  I’m using Pinnacle Gaming Profiler to allow a 360 gamepad to control windows, launch programs, and control emulators.  There’s just one problem though – I want to play some of my games on it now and then, and they just are not the same when using a gamepad.

Do any of you guys do any “couch” PC gaming?  If so, how do you set up your mouse and keyboard?


Hey… Over here!

June 27, 2008

Well howdy!

I just wanted to give a quick update on the state of the podcast.  Martin and I are currently busy as all hell, and when we are not busy, we are mountain biking.  So while we are not dead (the good news), we are most definitely on a temporary hiatus (the not-so-good news).

In gaming news, I love the crap out of BFBC so far (but I have hardly had the chance to play it), and I’m a tester in the closed beta for EndWar.  When I actually have time to play it, I’ll give my impressions.

Also, I got an email this week, asking me for help using the RealDamage mod I wrote for Soldier of Fortune 2 waaaaaaaaay back.  I guess that means there are still people playing SoF2…

Episode 15: Beer, Battlefield, Boss Battles, and um… Brainbow Bsix

April 20, 2008

tgpartr6v2tunes3.gifMartin and I have beer, talk Battlefield, Vegas2, and the news. About halfway through, Martin says something that truly pisses me off. Which then also truly pisses him off. Just give it a listen, and the album art to the right will make better sense.

Also, Hammer Pants are mentioned.

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Huge thanks to Sporky for a great Vegas 2 review (and a new mic!), and to Garfunkle a.k.a “The Scottish Meatshield” for his tips. Also, many thanks to our growing contingent of iTunes reviewers, and all the forum contributors.

My beer was Stille Nacht. Not a bad brew.

Tango Down Episode 14: Hands-on with Battlefield Bad Company

April 1, 2008

tgpartgrawitunes7.gifTGP Presents: A Very Special Tango Down

On tonight’s episode: Martin struggles with drug addiction, while his friend Chris experiences his first menstrual period. Henry Winkler gives the performance of a lifetime, in his guest appearance as a concerned, but possibly incontinent, father.

Okay, maybe it’s not that kind of special.

Martin and I give our impressions on the time we spent with the Battlefield Bad Company multiplayer beta. See, I told you it was special.

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Tango Down is a “featured podcast” on iTunes

March 28, 2008

Granted, we’re only on page five of featured podcasts in the video game category, but still, I think it’s a milestone worth noting. Have a cupcake with us, won’t you? There’s also pie.


Tango Down Episode 13 – Tactical Games Going Soft?

March 27, 2008

tgpartgrawitunes4ep13.gifThis week, it’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Army Of Pants development, EndWar, used games, and the flaccid future of tactical gaming – according to Ubisoft.

And monster trucks.

Blackguard Spork Reviews Commanders: Attack of the Genos, and Garfunkle (who’s voice isn’t really that chipmunk-esque) gives us great tips for Team Fortress 2.

Click the links below to listen.

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Huge thanks to Blackguard Spork, Garfunkle, and the folks on the forums!
Also, Bigfoot-sized thanks to all the people who have left new iTunes reviews. We’ll mention each of you in episode 15.

Episode 12 – GRAW2 Remakes vs Old School Ghost Recon

March 19, 2008

It’s an old Ghost Recon vs new GR remakes comparo.  We actually recorded this show about a month ago, so please forgive any outdated references.  You’ll no doubt notice the overall low-key, NPR-quiet tone of the show, which is indicative of how busy and tired we have been lately.  We’ll get our monster-truck rally commercial narrator voices on next time.

Enjoy.  Don’t listen while driving.

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