ArmA 2 In Game Footage Looks Amazing

June 16, 2009

This is video taken from a mission created with the ingame mission editor.  It doesn’t look like a particularly fun mission, but it shows the way the game really lets you feel like you are part of a much larger conflict.  I’m really impressed.  I don’t think my PC is up to the task though, as I’m running an older dual 3.2 ghz with a Nvidia 9800GT.  I think that meets the minimums, but a game like this lives and dies by it’s ability to immerse the player, so 20 frames per second aint gonna cut it.  We’ll see what people have to say about ArmA 2 performance once it’s out next week.


New Operation Flashpoint 2 screens look super tasty

July 3, 2008

I’m sayin’ wow about these.  Looky HERE.

New Operation Flashpoint 2 Screens

April 3, 2008

ofp2b.jpgNot much to see other than a bunch of dudes running around in flecktarn BDUs. Still the screens look nice, and I can’t wait until the winter release date.

Click the small pics (courtesy of to make them grow.


These actually came out last week, but I completely missed them until just now.